Downspout Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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The downspout system is very important for
the house’s life . A good downspout system can prolong the life of the house.Many
houses have to renovated because the roof leaky.If your house has a good
downspout system,you maybe don’t worry about the roof leaky.Nowadays,more and
more people like to decorate the house,include interior decoration and outdoor
decoration.Outdoor decoration such as exterior wall painted,ceramic tile,downspout
sheet change.Now a lot of people use steel downspout instead of PVC,especially
used in light steel villa,this style downspout can fit the modern villa’s
style,it can enhance the luxury of the house.Compare with the common PVC pipe,this
pipe no thermal expansion and contraction cracks ,and more durable.It can make
a variety of elbows to match the building’s shape.Our company can supply you a
choice because our company produce a machine called “
Sheet Roll
Forming Machine” can produce a
variety of this product.



The “Downspout
Sheet Roll Forming Machine
”is consists of decoiler,flattening system
,roll forming machine,PLC control system ,flying saw cutting and run-out table.This
production line is fully automatic,you just input the length you want to
process on the computer screen. After you switch on the main power,the roll
forming machine is running ,when the encoder check the length reach the set
parameters, the flying saw will operate,then the downspout coming out.


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