High Quality Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

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Liming Stamping Form Machine Co.,Ltd attended Big 5 Fair at U.A.E in 2016 year.We are professional manufacturer in cold forming machines,we are have more than 20 years in this area.We atten many fair all over of the world.

U.A.E have big market in Light Steel,and many customers prefer to High Quality Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine .We have customer come from Dubai city,they visited our factory and ordered six setd of high quality roll forming machines.They visited our Big 58 Fair again and help us more in there.

High Quality Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine,it is Euro Quality.We update all parts of this machine,so it is have good quality and long working life.

We made six sets of roll forming machines by two months,Wajid came to our factory to test these roll forming machines.Wajid very professional customer, he test sizes very carefully.All sizes can meet his requirements.And every machine running long time in factory.High Quality Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine. This machine is high speed operating,and this machine speed is 25m/min.He learns how to operating PLC.

All roll forming machine in good working,so we was loading these machines by three 4OGP.We have professional team to loading machine and fix machine in containers.

Kindly please contact with us if you like our roll forming machines.

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