What is the future of light steel structure housing in China?

:2017-02-25 08:02:54 :Liming Daily:539

Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness and timber shortages and other factors, many countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., are promoting the application of medium and low carbon steel structure residential development

The factors of light steel structure housing the structure itself (either theoretically or practically), think this kind of system is only suitable for 5-6 storey residential construction, and large and medium-sized city land supply constraints and price factors, a large number of input and output of the multi-storey residential construction is not ideal, in fact the general multi-storey residential land prices are built on the proper combination of cheap or small city in urban and rural areas, and the degree of industrialization and cost, for the project area increased quite difficult; the last is the market price of the problem, the combination of urban and rural or small City housing itself properly, large increase in the cost of developers, I am afraid it is difficult to accept.


Along with the national policies to promote energy saving, pollution of the environment due to the traditional building materials, light steel structure housing because of their use of the new building materials, both in the construction process, or at the end of the life cycle of construction, the environmental pollution is lower than the environmental pollution of traditional residential reinforced concrete structure, and its material can be recycled.

With the development of economy and people's awareness of environmental protection, light steel structure housing will have a broad space for development, the government will be a city as a pilot, make it become an almost does not produce construction waste from the city, housing starts, and then to the various areas of the city, realize the idea from cradle to cradle.


If you are a pursuit of environmental protection, new things, may wish to consider this light steel house, we will be in accordance with your request for your design, decoration, installation and other one-stop service, welcome you inquire and negotiate.



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