IBR and Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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The IBR and corrugated sheet roll forming machine is
rolled or cold-rolled strip steel, metal plate, galvanized plate, color steel
as raw materials. Light metal profiles of different section shapes are obtained
by bending at room temperature. Production of color steel products with
different sections, production flexibility, easy to use, strong adaptability,
save a lot of manpower and material resources, so the world's industrial
developed countries are very seriously.


The main body of IBR and corrugated sheet roll forming machine without
welding, all the use of cast steel, the whole machine will not produce stress
and lead to the host body deformation.

The Roof Panels
made by
IBR and corrugated sheet roll forming
have beautiful appearance and bright color. They are widely
used in gardens, factories, resorts, hotels, exhibition halls, vacation lands,
ancient architectures and modern villas.

PLC Control System of IBR and corrugated sheet roll forming machine: usually
we provide the Delta PLC control system, but we can make that according to your
need. You need which brand, then we send to you which brand. But the long life
of that will bring you great benefit .


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