Recognize the Truth of Modular Home

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associate a modular home with a Movable House, or a home that can be towed.
This can't be further from the truth.

homes, also called prefab or prefabricated homes, feature pieces specially
built in a factory. These pieces are transported to your site, where they are
constructed together. The result is a beautiful home, one that is
indistinguishable from those homes that are built from the ground up on your

Anyone who
has ever worked on a building project knows just how long it can take for the
skeleton of the building to actually appear on the site. Unexpected material
shortages, issues with plans and, of course, inclement weather can all bring
long, inconvenient delays. Modular home factories, however, offer controlled
environments that protect your building materials from nature's elements and,
ultimately, unexpected delays.

state-of-the-art factory is designed specifically to make the construction of
your modular home's different elements as efficient as possible. In fact, the
factory construction time is as short as seven days, with the full installation
and associated works, such as plumbing and electrical installation, completed
within three months. That gives you a new home, ready to live in, in less time
than it can take for conventional builders to finish the walls.

In addition
to time delays, with traditional home building, your property becomes a major
construction area, leading to long periods of disruption and work. You also run
the risk of damaging your surrounding landscaping. By contrast, modular home builders
do as much of the construction work as possible off-site.

home builders don't just offer convenience and a quicker solution to
traditional home building; they also offer the best in energy efficiency. From
top-of-the-line wall and ceiling insulation to argon-filled glass windows, our
modular homes come with a plethora of energy-saving features.

home construction in itself can also be environmentally friendly. There is
minimal waste and minimal effect on the area surrounding the site of the home.

more, choosing a modular home does not mean you are restricted to a
"one-size-fits-all" solution. In fact, one of the reasons why modern
modular homes are increasing in popularity is thanks to the range of
customization and individualized designs offered.

modular home can be tailored to your vision. Adding a new addition to keep up
with your growing family, taking your one-story home to a two-story, or
building your dream home from scratch, it's all possible with modular homes.

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