Roller shutter door roll forming machine

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There is customer
from Bolivia, who required a Roller shutter door roll
forming machine. So I quoted he whole production line, which includes
3-ton manual decoiler, electric leveling machine, 35-ton punching machine with
auto feeding device, main roller shutter door machine
and manual decoiler.

For the 3-ton manual decoiler of Roller shutter door roll forming machine, it is used
for bearing steel coil, took with the roll forming machine for free, we have
many in stock.


For the electric leveling machine, it is
needed when the thickness of processed material is above 1.5mm. We use it to be
sure the flat strip before roll forming. Usually there are seven rolling
shafts, 3 shafts are up layer and 4 shafts are down layer.

For the punching machine, what I quoted him
is 35-ton type, taking with mechanical feeding device, it is used for punching
holes on the skid nose profiles.

Actually the most popular type is that with
servo type feeding device, which is fully automatic type, most customers prefer
this type. Sometimes they use the punching machine independently, not works
together with roll forming machine, it works together with auto decoiler and
auto recoiler.


For the Roller
shutter door roll forming machine, what I quoted him is our improved type,
the third generation type, its based frame is welded by 4mm thick steel square
pipes covered with 2mm paint steel plate. The wall plate of roll forming part
is cast iron screwed on the based frame, which is the whole part, does not have
any weld, can not be affected by the stresses after long time fast working. The
roller material is Cr12, shaft material 40Cr.

Compared with second generation, its
precision is higher, working condition is more stable and service lift is
longer. It can ensure the precise forming even 24-hour works everyday.




Do you need such roll forming machine? Or
you need other kinds of roll forming machine? Whenever or whatever you need
about the machines, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be pleased to
help you.




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