Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Accuracy, Precision and Fast paced are just 3 words to describe a fully automated production of materials used in building, constructing and manufacturing. To be familiarized by this one of a kind system we should know more about some of the machines being used today specifically a roll forming machine. Defined as a machine that shapes a sheet of metal to a desired curve by means of rollers. This machine fabricates specific configurations out of long strips of metal. Other than roll forming, these machines are also used in such a way that it can perform a number of metalworking duties such as material cutting and roll punching. The said machine works in a continuous cycle. The material is placed into it and it continues to make its way through the different stages ending with the final product. It works by bending metal at room temperature wherein rollers guides the metal to make the specified bends.

As the metal traverses into the machine each set of rollers bend the metal more. This continuous bending of metal gives the result of an accurate product by ensuring that the correct sectional configuration is done. Its speed runs at around 30 to 600 feet per minute. These machines are a good choice for manufacturing large quantities and long pieces. It is a given fact that roll forming produces a more consistent part than other rolling methods. Since roll formers usually run in coiled materials, lengths or the products are limited to the amount of the material in the coil. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper can be roll formed as well. Roll forming machines are perfect for manufacturing different kinds of materials such as roofing type, ceiling channel type, u type and much more. These machines have the ability to manufacture the widest range of sheet or profile.


Sandwich Panel line

Fromroll forming machines another machine called Sandwich Panel was introduced. Having a composite structure with a core than can be filled with insulation materials, such as foam or rock wool. These machines are widely used in the building industry. Most commonly, these machines are capable of non-stop manufacturing that constitutes to a constant level of production with high quality results. It can produce panels in different shapes and sizes as well. The core is malleable with Polyurethane also in Mineral Wool, in Glass Wool, in the PIR, and as well as in Phenolic or EPS. It has a great scale production capacity and it permits an uniform allocation of reactive mixture, a uniform density, mechanical characteristics as well as the suitable physical. Sandwich panel machinery has different types to suit the ever changing market.


These types include, the classicline, it is the traditional panel laminating system for flat and roofing panels. The Full line, offers a more complex forming systems and modular construction for flexibility. The Euroline, it is the upgraded version of the full due to the fact that it is used for heavy duty systems and double belt press laminations. Lastly, the injected foam panel system, it continually manufactures PU and/or PIR panel steel or flexible facing materials.

A PU (Polyurethane-a polymer consisting of a chain of organic units join by urethane links) is a production line best suited for manufacturing socket type and lapped type sandwich panels. A Polyurethane panel are highly customisable; the panels can be assembled by vertical or horizontal disposition and are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Its process includes uncoiling, feeding guide, roll forming machine, rolling conveyor, steel pre-heating, foaming machine, double belt pressing machine, cutting to length, run out table, auto stacker and auto packing machine.

This machine is characterized as a caterpillar type of line which produces PU sandwich panels with various thickness and width. It is considered one of the best products to insulate against heat and cold. The production types are continuous and automatic with a thickness ranging from 0.3 – 0.8 mm and a maximum width of 1200mm. Its speed ranges from 3-8 m per minute. The twofold belt covered conveyor length is 24m and the utmost hotness of the burning air flow is 70 degrees Celsius. For the overall power is usually is 300KW, and the full installed power capacity is about 207KW and stove power of 200,000 Kcal.

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