Solar panel tray roll forming line

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This is
automatic cable tray roll forming line, also called solar panel holder roll
forming machine, photovoltaic bracket roll forming machine.

whole production line include one set 3 ton electric decoiler, flattening
machine, punch machine, roll forming machine and 3 meters product runout table.


3 ton
electric decoiler is automatic working, speed is 8-10m/min, it can match with
the punch machine, so can working same time.

It can
hole coil for inner diameter is 250mm, outer diameter is 450mm, easy operate.

The punch
machine capicity depends on the thickness of the steel strip, and the size of
hole, normally we can do 32T, 60T, 100T, 125T.

And we
can make the punch die like min.2.5mm hole as customer’s drawing.



machine to make the steel strip flat, in order to keep the product more

It is
hydraulic drive, total 3 sets of flattening rollers, and the rollers adopt Cr12
material with heart treatment, will not scratch the surface of the steel strip.


The punch
machine speed can be 8-10m/min, we have mechanical feeder and servo feeder for

They are
both automatic feeding, mechanical feeder speed is about 5-6m/min; servo feeder
speed is 10-12m/min, and the more precise.


forming machine has 21 rows of roller, and 2 sets feeding strangth roller, all
the roller and cutter we use Cr12 steel with quenched treatment to make sure
the the roller more stronger and not scratch the surface of produce, and the
cutter more harder and long lived.

cutter will reduce noise of the machine and it is automatic cut to length as
customer’s requirement.




forming machine automatic working and controled by Delta PLC control system, we
also have Mitsibishi PLC for option.

screen easy operate, and we also provide Chinese, English, Spanish, Russia,
France, Arab, Japan, Korea languages as customer’s requirement.



We can
give the machine any color painting as customer’s requirement.

Just need
give me the colour number.


you visit my company, I am willing to show you all my machines, and if you have
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