Summary Introduction Highway Guard Rail Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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guardrail is a semi-rigid main form, it is a continuous structure with
corrugated steel fence panels are spliced by the main support column. When the  vehicle collision, the corrugated steel fence
boards have good crashworthiness and energy absorption effect, it is not easy
to hit and destroyed. It uses the subgrade, column, beam deformation to absorb
collision energy, and forcing the vehicle to change direction, and return to
the normal direction of travel, to prevent the vehicle off the road, to protect
the vehicle and passengers to reduce the losses caused by the accident.


appearance of the highway guardrail bending increases, while increasing the strength
of the sheet. The service life can reach 10-25 years in outdoor environment.It
has many advantages such as beautiful and practical, convenient transportation
and installation, good anti-theft performance, low cost, suitable for large
area uses.Mainly used in highway, large parking lot, scenic spots, high speed,
provincial roads, rural roads and other construction projects.In order to meet
the need of the market,we launch a machine called”Highway
Guard Rail Sheet Roll Forming Machine”.


The”Highway Guard Rail Sheet Roll Forming Machine”is
consists of decoiler, flattening system,hydraulic punching system ,roll forming
machine,PLC control system,hydraulic cutting system and run-out table.This
machine’s component are all famous brand ,it have worldwide guarantee.Our
company can provide oversea assemble and adjustment.


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